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Bloodstone’s Jinx (Book 1)

The hot, humid heat, the deep rooted history, the fresh seafood, and the beautiful vacation spots are some of the well known qualities of Charleston. But about 20 miles away tucked behind the tall mossy oak trees and deep musky swamps lies Ravenwood. Rich in Gullah Geechee roots, the twists and turns of the back woods are metaphoric of the lives of cousins Anika and Ebony. Being from the same family doesn't always equal the same upbringing. 

Debutante Anika followed her dreams of becoming a successful veterinarian in Washington DC. A love of animals that was instilled in her from a youthful bite from a forbidden fruit that will soon return to spread its seed. However Ebony, she got it out of the mud. Never knowing her father, she was orphaned right out of high school with the death of her mother. Yet with all her adversities, she managed to establish herself as one of Atlanta's most successful attorneys.

But as usual, death will always bring family back together. And with death, there are almost always secrets. Anika and Ebony find themselves on a journey that takes them from mourning to discovering that it’s “their time.” With an ensemble of family and friends; a loving, sweet Geechee grandma, frenemies and not so endearing family. To Ravenwood’s own King of Rap and his wifey the Mouth of the South, to a love that will never die. Bloodstone’s Jinx will have you questioning your own existence. Follow the creation of a legacy filled with hoodoo magic, supernatural genetics and life altering secrets. Will these women be able to withstand the fate bestowed upon them?


Red Jasper Rize (Book 2)

Down in the Lowcountry, Gullah Geechee Witches and Paranormal Shifters have made themselves at home in Ravenwood, S.C. Anika and Ebony, who've come back recently, discovered it was their time to bond over life-altering sorcery and supernatural genetics. But now with more family magic, comes a darker conjuring.

Montel Turner is an officer of the law who visits a small town and gets pulled into a strangers' family drama. He soon finds out parts of his unknown childhood will connect to his present as he establishes new roots. It may take more than his detective skills to solve this mystical case.

Joshua Ramirez studies animals with enchanted modifications. He moonlights as a savvy business owner, which holds the truth of his family’s legacy. An unlikely relationship puts him on a path of self-elevation but he gets caught in an entangled web of love and lies.

Marshella Bishop and her family are at the heart of this bizarre drama. As always, she finds herself in a fight to find balance and stability in life. With the hope of new love and a celestial boost, she sees a way to finally win.

The fate of Ravenwood and its residents are being threatened by old and new enemies alike. Dynasties are at risk of crumbling, while ancestral lineages may soon cease to exist. It’s up to everyone during war to fight with all their unique resources. Will new changes turn lovers to enemies and enemies to friends? Will more family secrets cause deeper divisions or forge new alliances? Follow this epic battle and choose a side in Red Jasper Rize!


The Dynasty 

Book 1

By: S.S. Bowens

What if everything you were, are and will ever be was predestined before you even graced this earth? All the steps you will take and decisions you will make aren’t even yours to own. The Dyn​asty is an empowering series of 3 generations of women of the Johnson Family. From the thick, humid South during the unstable Jim Crow era and the Renaissance of the gritty streets of Harlem. To the Money Makin’ 80s, fast cars and fast life. Ending in the present day, deficits and corruption, COVID and come ups. You will feel love and loss, pleasure and misery, power and pain. The Dynasty is a spellbinding parable that will make you dig deep in your book of morals and have you questioning: How far will you go, how much pressure can you take to protect The Crown?

Book 1 of The Dynasty introduces us to Mariam, the Matriarch of the Johnson Family. The plushness of her pillow and the silver on her spoon wasn’t always part of this Harlem socialite's life. She shared her man with the streets and more painfully, another woman. Mariam will learn early that your life is what you make it and all that glitter ain’t gold. You’ll meet BeeGee, a Southern Beauty in the South, smitten with an older man that could very well be her downfall. Ming Lee, the Asian refugee, looking for a lost love before it may be too late. Lu, ghetto princess, that grasps that glass houses can shatter. To the introduction of the real queen of The Dynasty. Get lost in this labyrinth of self realization and inner strength that will have you on a roller coaster of emotions. Find out if The Dynasty will prevail or crumble under the weight of life.





 Dreams have a way of weaving people, places and stories together on an unconscious realm. But what if you were able to transform those sleep induced desires and complex brain signals to  your real life experiences. 

Meet Ryan, a Master Lucid Visionary,  who can defy the laws of dream physics and theory, and have adventures all around self created worlds with friends and lovers alike. She doesn’t know her life is about to drastically change as she expertly navigates dream drama,  relationships, sex, the paranormal, and even death. 

The R.E.M. Rangers make up a department of dream officials that ensure boundaries remain intact as various dreamers explore worlds during sleep. A pair of rangers go rogue and plot to throw the entire dream universe into peril and chaos. A series of black hole portals begin to appear between real life and dream states, causing confusion on what’s fact or fiction. They need Ryan and something she possesses to be successful in this venture.

The dream worlds are all interconnected by the strength and imagination of each lucid visionary who dreams nightly. The battlefields of the minds are just one of many playgrounds where the rogue rangers begin their takeover of the real world. How far will Ryan and her dream mates go in order to protect the various worlds and find the right key to keep everything in balance.

This novel is filled with adventures that includes mermaids, ghosts, mysterious portals and people that may exist only in sleep induced visions. Will Ryan be able to maintain her sanity each night as she enters a lucid state. Will her good dreams turn into nightmares?

This is an African -American, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Urban Fiction tale of lust, mystery, murder and freedom. Come join Ryan as she must make a crucial decision between her reality and her grand illusions


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